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What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching and the work I do is for you if you want CHANGE in your life, in some, or many areas.

What if?

Do you want to wake up in 10 years’ time and say “ what if I had “ or do you want to take control and make this one life the one you actually want to live and thrive in, be whole in, be present in, and very importantly be YOU in! It’s quite liberating when you start going down this avenue!

Honesty point here though, if you have a fear, limiting belief, way of functioning that has been omnipresent for years, one session with me is not going to cut it. It takes time, space, and work so bear that in mind. Do you want a long-lasting result, or do you have a specific smaller life goal that you need a partner to join you on for a quick journey? This is a question to ask yourself because when we have a discovery call and talk about working together collaboratively it will be relevant, plus  I want to serve you in a way that will fire up your motivation and create some empowering changes.

A partnership that works for you:

Most of my coaching sessions work on a rolling monthly contract and are designed with your needs at the centre.

 My role is to work side by side with you to help unpick, explore and create positive steps forward.  I am 100% here for you on that journey! I want to be helping you feel lighter, energized, so you start living your full potential!

Are you ready to explore your thinking & beliefs?

Now one point to get super clear on with life coaching! You must be willing to put in the work, open to diving deep, change, and moving forwards. 

You will have the opportunity to question what is working for you and what needs CHANGE, so you feel happier and more connected to your true self whilst growing your self-belief. So come to life coaching, invested, committed, and courageous where you gain a partner to help guide you in the direction you wish to pursue!

A quick text on 07825575628 is a way to start a conversation with me to see if I seem like the right coach for you.

Image by Michal Mrozek

What is Life Coaching?

 Collaborative,forward thinking, client led, empathetic, creative,positive, encouraging,honest, intuitive, reflective.

What is Life Coaching?

Non judgemental,trust based, confidential, safe,exploratory, change/goal focussed,open,

Image by Michal Mrozek
Image by Michal Mrozek

What is Life Coaching?

Kindly challenging, client led, reflective, a place to work on empowering yourself.

What is Life coaching not?

Life Coaching is not therapy or counselling, which is often looking back in the past. 
Life coaching is about taking steps forwards, looking at ways to move positively into change by taking action .It is a place for you to uncover what is truly going on for you, maybe going to places you have never explored, to gain a better understanding of yourself and to fully own your life direction.

Image by Michal Mrozek
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