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A warm welcome from me to you.

Your power lies within you - I believe in you, is it time to start believing more in yourself?! Investing and changing from the inside creates the magic on the outside.”

  I am Natalie who runs Flip the Fear coaching in a warm, open, and empathetic style. I work with individuals and groups to really question their thinking, make sense of what they truly want, and move forward in life.  Feeling stuck and lacking the confidence to move forward is challenging to say the least, yet change is always possible with commitment and a desire. I am right here in partnership to guide you on your journey if you are ready for change.

In the past I have lived the feelings of being paralyzed, fearful of moving forward, held myself back from my full potential. I can honestly say from first-hand experience anyone can move forward in life once they commit to exploring, letting go and discovering a new way of showing up in the world. Once you have a deeper understanding of your thoughts, beliefs and values a door of new possibilities is ready to be opened.

I hope you enjoy exploring my website and feel free to reach out to me at Natalie.Todd@flipthefearcoaching.com if it is the time to make a positive change in your one life.

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West Kent Mind Auction 19-24 0ct 21

My chance to help with raising funds for mental health, my local charity West Kent Mind.

Whether it is bidding for my coaching sessions or gifting for others please do get involved. A brilliant chance to grab a gift for someone for Christmas.


Looking to move forward with a friendly coach?

 If you have any questions, are ready for a chat to talk about starting coaching the first step starts by reaching out to new resources and ways of moving forward. Please feel free to fill in the form below or contact me via email or phone for a friendly first encounter.



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