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Your Power lies within you - I believe in you! Investing and changing from the inside creates the magic on the outside.”

  I am Natalie who runs Flip the Fear coaching in a warm, open, and empathetic style. I work with individuals and groups to flip you from a place of fear or a place of being stuck/unfulfilled, into a new abundant world packed with opportunity, fulfilment and faith!

In the past I have lived the feelings of being paralyzed, fearful of moving forward, held myself back from my full potential. I can honestly say from first-hand experience anyone can move forward in life once they commit to exploring what is deep-rooted and are keen to look at ways to step into a life where they can flourish!

I hope you enjoy exploring my website and feel free to reach out if it is the time to make a positive change to your life!


Looking to move forward with a friendly coach?

 Questions, keen to get on a discovery call ? Either way do please get in touch. I have been where you are, and the first step starts by reaching out to new resources and ways of moving forward. I'd love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to send me a message.



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