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Confidence Boosting Tips

Image by sydney Rae

​Foundational work:

  1. Rank your confidence rating out of 10 in this present moment, so you can reflect back on your brilliant growth.

  2. Reflect back and write down all of your achievements- physically, mentally, emotionally, and academically.  They all count and we all have different strengths. Review weekly or monthly- set a calendar reminder to make sure you commit to this regularly.

  3. Write down all of the challenges you have overcome and continue this list by reviewing monthly or weekly. Even the smallest ones – you rock for overcoming each and every one!

  4. Go through your phone messages and emails( inc work) and make a list of all the compliments you have received and keep an ongoing list. Make this your go-to when you feel your confidence dip.

Daily focus:

5. Write 3 positive affirmations about yourself and set them as reminders on your phone or have them written on your wall so you visualize and read them daily when you wake up. This will start changing your automatic thoughts.

6. Meditate or journal at the end of each day for 10 minutes to congratulate yourself on your wins and to let go of your challenges.

7. Set yourself a daily confidence growth task that stretches you yet is not completely uncomfortable. IE compliment a stranger, propose a pay rise.

8. Start your day by doing an activity(can be simply 10 minutes) that will make you feel good and focused. IE meditate, work out, walk in nature.

9. Purchase a journal and set three positive intentions for the day that you can realistically achieve and celebrate at the end of each day.

"You can" focus:

10. When your mind says "I can’t" ask yourself," what it would look like if you could? "Get dreamy and visualize the possible future.

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