Customer Testimonials

Here are a handful of my recent testimonials from my clients.


Did you recently have a great experience at Flip the Fear Coaching that you’d like to share? I hugely value all feedback and comments shared.

I started being coached by Natalie because I had a desire to understand more clearly the direction of my life, the decisions I make (or don't make) and my purpose - what drives me to achieve things, and why I have been afraid to push my boundaries and strive for what I really want. Natalie is a kind-hearted, curious and challenging coach that helped me to tease out some of the challenges that I had been experiencing so that I could understand them both as individual factors but crucially how these combined to feel insurmountable. I worked with Natalie to 'peel back the layers of my life' and get to the root of what had been holding me back, in the main a lack of confidence and making peace with who I am in my heart. It has been quite a journey, and as I move to working through these 'limiting beliefs' I have a greater sense of balance and contentment which is providing a solid base to move on from. 

Chris W October 2020