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Customer Testimonials

What my clients say. . . .

I started being coached by Natalie because I had a desire to understand more clearly the direction of my life, the decisions I make (or don't make) and my purpose - what drives me to achieve things, and why I have been afraid to push my boundaries and strive for what I really want. Natalie is a kind-hearted, curious and challenging coach that helped me to tease out some of the challenges that I had been experiencing so that I could understand them both as individual factors but crucially how these combined to feel insurmountable. I worked with Natalie to 'peel back the layers of my life' and get to the root of what had been holding me back, in the main a lack of confidence and making peace with who I am in my heart. It has been quite a journey, and as I move to working through these 'limiting beliefs' I have a greater sense of balance and contentment which is providing a solid base to move on from. 


I signed up for Flip the Fear life coaching with Natalie Todd at a time when I was at a crossroads with my career.

I was really struggling in my job, expecting myself to always be perfect, while operating under very difficult circumstances. I was so focused on the imperfections that  I became completely frustrated and stressed out.  My confidence was eroding and I felt trapped in a job I no longer enjoyed. I started to think seriously about a change of career.

Natalie was really good at drawing out of me what the issues were (which boiled down to self limiting beliefs) and helped me identify tools and techniques to build up my self confidence and to recognise and present my strengths with more confidence to my clients.

Natalie also helped me to identify where these self limiting beliefs came from and the situations that compounded them so I could work on focusing on the desired outcome and working backwards on the dialogue in my head to ensure the things I was telling myself would help me achieve that outcome rather than sabotage it.

I now no longer feel unworthy of my job, which means I no longer get stressed out and I deal better with situations. I feel much more confident in job, I’ve remembered the strengths I bring, rediscovered my self worth and consequently, I feel much more in control and am enjoying my job again.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Natalie to anyone’s who is considering life coaching.


I’ve been having coaching with Nat for a few months now, I was in a bit of a ‘lost’ place after a lot of changes this year and was struggling to take control of the changes I faced. With Nat’s help I’ve been able to find clarity, and am far more in control of my own life again. I feel much more positive, and have create changes and processes which are making me appreciate the little things and see daily life in a different and better way. I would highly recommend coaching with Nat to anyone who wants to invest in themselves, it’s definitely worth it - with Nat’s help I’m excited for the year ahead rather than anxious about the unknown... thank you Nat!


Natalie had been a great life coach to me - I started using her services late last year at a time when I was going through a particularly tough spell in my life, I had more than one big life event I was working through and felt I needed help in dealing with this. Natalie calmed me, was understanding, never judgemental and really helped to look at things from different perspectives and break topics down so that they seemed easier to deal with. 
I remain seeing Natalie for sessions and am really pleased with how much stronger I am feeling in myself and am very positive for the future. Thank you Flip the Fear coaching for most definitely helping me with flipping those fears, I would definitely recommend!


Natalie is a wonderful life coach, she gave me the tools to be able to continue my life's journey and handle anything that comes my way. I totally recommend Natalie she makes you feel relaxed enough to be totally honest (the first step of any journey)
She is patient and compassionate while being proactive and constructively challenging when she needs to be. I found this combination of empathy and robust testing of my negative perceptions immensely helpful.
Thank you Natalie. Xx


When I began working with Natalie I was in a very difficult place in my life probably at my lowest.  I was at a point where I felt so lost, stuck and my confidence was pretty non-existent.
Natalie helped me see my true potential, who I truly am, and what I am capable of.  Her energy is positive and what I truly love is how honest she is. She always held such a safe space for me and I loved how she would push me out of my comfort zone when I needed it most!
I highly recommend Natalie, not only did I find an amazing coach but a friend who continues to think of ME (Nim the Friday Lady)……Thank you very much Natalie


Well done Natalie, you are very talented and definitely going to make a difference in people’s lives

I felt very at ease, there were definitely some light bulb moments, and it changed the way I view fear. Natalie is an incredible coach and I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to find ways to boost their knowledge and self-esteem, you can do this!

The workshop was both informative and interesting. Full of useful tips and tactics that I will be using and will help towards a more positive and fulfilling life

You are a star! Your approach is great, you are timely, relevant and so engaging. The evidence is there! I loved it x






“Natalie takes time to listen and constructively question your thoughts. She is professional yet caring, she allows one to open up and feel they are worthy of a voice. She is passionate about unearthing your inner ego and addressing it. Frank (my ego) doesn't know what's coming and this is all thanks to Nat.”


“I felt very at ease, there were definitely some light bulb moments and it’s changed the way I view fear. Natalie is an incredible coach, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to find ways to boost their knowledge and self-esteem, you can do this!”


“The workshop was both informative and interesting. Full of useful tips and tactics that I will be using and will help towards a more positive and fulfilling life”

Flip the Fear Workshop Participants

 I have a great relationship with Natalie & it’s a place I feel I come out of and have improved or grown as a person every time I leave, I feel supported with whatever direction the session goes and I cannot speak highly enough of the sessions I have.


Natalie really makes you feel comfortable and provides a safe space to explore your thoughts. So far I am really enjoying the sessions and I wish I had done it earlier. The visualization session was really excellent and really helped me come closer to making an important decision that had been laying heavily on my mind for a long time. I highly recommend it.
Nat is an excellent coach and I would highly recommend to anyone needing a safe space to talk and explore your thought without judgment.


I went to Natalie when I was struggling with my confidence and finding my place in a new role. The way Natalie works is fantastic, she helps you find the solutions in a way that is most comfortable to you. Caters to your every need, works at your pace but challenges you to think more on questions you may be trying to avoid. I have recommend her to all my friends and family and she will be my go to in the future for more sessions


I’ve found the coaching to be hugely beneficial for me - I have such a good connection with Natalie that I really value. She allows me to be myself and even when I don’t know the answers she helps me see that’s fine too. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone.


“I highly recommend Natalie. She is a very talented life coach who helped me identify the origin of some of my issues and helped me shift the habits I want/need to change in order to reach my goal.
Natalie is very compassionate, smart, and always constructively questions your thoughts. Thank you very much Natalie! Florence”


Although I was nervous at first, I thoroughly enjoyed our coaching sessions. You created a comfortable environment where I could share my thoughts and feelings about my own abilities and where I wanted to be with these. You gave me tools to enable further growth as well as giving me confidence and validation in my already learned skills to apply further. It was definitely worthwhile and I look forward to hopefully working together again in the future!

Emily - Regional Operations Manager

I originally went to see Natalie to help me on a significant business decision at a particular crossroad in my life, a decision I needed to be certain of. Since then Natalie has not only helped me understand myself well enough to make that decision, and be sure of it, but along the way she's helped me uncover and work through so much more, areas of my life, thoughts and subconscious fears that have held me back throughout my life, things I wasn't even aware of!

Natalie's approach is completely free of judgement, totally understanding and of course she's a great listener, all of which helps create a space you feel comfortable sharing anything - which as it turns out is exactly what I needed to help myself through my decisions and challenges, and I think the same is probably true for most of us.

In summary, when a friend recommended I try a life coach I really wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I found Natalie to be passionate about her work, insightful, very experienced and incredibly skillful in her approach. I have to say she's helped me make invaluable positive changes in my life, some big and some subtle, but all done in a positive, actionable and long lasting way. If you want to gain a bit of clarity in your life, or feel something is holding you back from your full potential but you're just not sure what, then I'd thoroughly recommend investing some time in yourself and reach out to Natalie too.



Natalie came to run a training program for myself and a colleague, she was fantastic. She has such a natural way about her making everyone feel heard and at ease. Her sessions were interactive and engaging. My confidence grew with every session.


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