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Empowering Confidence & Mindset Talks

Are you and your peers needing a refocus on your mindset?

Have you clarity on your direction to get the best out of every day?

When was the last time you checked in on your celebratory culture?

I am passionate and available to shine a light on all of the above and so much more when I host a talk for your organisation.

My energetic talks are bespoke to your organisation with an opportunity to combine them with a bespoke workshop.

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Bespoke Coaching.

A warm, encouraging place, with no judgment where you can have the time and energy to create your own future and implement change in your mindset, approach, and self-belief. You will be truly listened to and we will work collaboratively, at your own pace to take positive steps forward.

Sessions are bespoke to you and your lifestyle so you can get the maximum benefit. This can include a blended mentoring approach as part of our partnership or a Time to Think approach.

I offer practical tools to be incorporated into the coaching as well as many different approaches such as visualization and daily practices to boost progress.

 Collaborative School Speech or Training

What I promise when I work with your school is to create content that is tailored in a way that works in line with your school values alongside your students' growth and self-belief.

Your speech or training can be completely bespoke, weaving in core content with an offering of ideas from my wealth of experience and knowledge. I aim to deliver a collaborative, fun approach with an opportunity to have real-life takeaway tools to enhance learning and inspiration.

Training 4 Influence Statement

“Training 4 Influence is a creative solution, a methodology that can transform any training session, weaving ‘golden threads’ that influence organisational outcomes. The method ensures training is delivered in a way that inspires, is relevant, enables learning, and exceeds training objectives.

There are four core standards: ● Expert ● Tailored ● Engaging ● Values-led

By completing and graduating from the Training 4 Influence, Train The Trainer programme, Natalie Todd has demonstrated that she understands and applies these standards to her training development and delivery.“

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Engaging & Focused Training

My belief is that you get the most engagement, commitment, and growth when a training session is interactive, real, and creates value for the attendees.

My training sessions are all of the above and more. They are always tailored to your specified content and company, and I have many ideas and concepts to share when building a plan around your company workshop.

I will work collaboratively to light your staff up and create positive shifts in behavior, mindset, and motivation.

If you are looking to take your company to the next level, invest in your staff, or are a group of people who want focus, to be motivated, and developed please do get in touch for a friendly chat.

My most recent training had a 97% overall score and I committed to making a difference with every training session I host.

I am a fully accredited trainer using the fabulous Training4influence methodology delivered by Taye Training and here are some comments from my recent training sessions:

"Natalie made me think and really challenge myself"

"Natalie was very engaging and I could have worked with her for hours"

" Such a fantastic session, well presented, engaging, and thought-provoking"

" Very enjoyable afternoon and I have learned so much!"

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