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With a wealth of experience in training from new inductees to leadership and everything in between I am armed with a creative tool kit to ensure whatever the topic the session is engaging, values-led, and tailored to your needs as an organisation.

My approach is passionate, and warm, whilst having a real desire to connect with my audience so they can maximize their learning in our time together. 

I am a huge advocate, and qualified to use the Training4Influence methodology with my level 4 train-the-trainer approach which has only ever provided fantastic feedback. My most recent training received a 97% feedback rating.

Strengthening Confidence in the Workplace

Course Agenda:                                           Course Enhancements:

What is confidence?                                     Accelerated learning

Your workplace strengths                                Bespoke tailoring    

Communicating with confidence                      Lived experience and expertise

Rewiring your brain                                       Blended learning styles 

Creating the confident you                              Followed up enhanced learning

Creating a values based culture

Course Agenda:                                           Course Enhancements:

Creating your story of success                         Accelerated learning

Lacer focus values.                                        Bespoke tailoring    

Values-led existence.                                      Lived experience and expertise

Valuing difference                                         Blended learning styles                                                                               Followed up enhanced learning

 Networking & Confidence boosting skills

Course Agenda:                                           Course Enhancements:

Defining confidence                                     Accelerated learning

NATS to PETS.                                            Bespoke tailoring    

The power of evidence                                 Lived experience and expertise

External influence                                         Blended learning styles 

Networking with confidence                          Followed up enhanced learning

Enhancing hard & soft Sales skills 

Course Agenda:                                           Course Enhancements:

Creating a powerful connection                       Accelerated learning

Qualifying with a difference.                           Bespoke tailoring    

The Confident personal offering                        Lived experience & expertise

Shining a light on expertise                             Blended learning styles           Objections with a smile.                                 Followed-up enhanced learning 

Being memorable                                        

Participants comments

" Natalie was very engaging and I could have worked with her for hours "

" Natalie really made me think and challenge myself "

"The whole course really brought home so many positive reflections "


Get in Touch

Please email me at to express your interest in bespoke training to enhance performance, confidence and so much more.

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