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ADHD musings

With my client base flourishing with ADHD clients and being part of their wonderful journey of growth I thought it could be useful to share a recent blog I wrote for the fabulous Life Coaching Directory.

ADHD is simply a way of functioning and let's be honest we all function a bit differently. 

How about we embrace that difference?

I long for ADHD to be viewed like other conditions are now viewed. Many people in the past felt a stigma attached to dyslexia, now we have people like Richard Branson who illustrate that dyslexia or not you can achieve great things!

I see individuals with ADHD as being resilient, creative, tenacious, and full of life. We are all meant to be different and if we thrive as who we are by creating tools and habits to support us in the direction of life we want to pursue then ADHD or not a bright future awaits us!!

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Is it time to change your story?

It suddenly dawned on me today that yet again I had been telling myself a story in my past for so long that I actually thought it was the truth! This new little nugget was a story that I was totally shite with technology and especially spreadsheets! Any spreadsheet, google, excel, you name it. I endorsed my story of failure every time I attempted to create or amend a spreadsheet! Did I give myself much of a chance to learn?

Well, every now and then I would try to learn, again, how to compile a spreadsheet or add a formula. Yet here is the crux of my story, even when I was trying to learn I still had a voice in my head that said” You are crap at this” or “Your brain doesn’t learn this type of stuff well” So I was always on the back foot! I was living in the past! Living with an old story made me feel like a failure and created a sense of anxiety. I needed to go back a step, do the work, let go of the past story, and create a new one. A kinder one, a gentler, and more supportive one. One that I might create for my friend, client, or colleague. Now as a life coach I know this can take time, energy, and commitment to rewire your brain, yet if you work on your mindset anything is possible, you are possible of anything! I honestly believe that!

So for 15 years or so I had always enlisted support when changing or creating a spreadsheet due to my story. The story of “I can’t do it” or “ I am crap at this”. 15 years I told that story! 15 years I would allow a story to erode a level of my self-belief! How sad that I allowed that to happen without questions. Now 2 years after being out of the heady world of multiple spreadsheets on a daily basis I have created a new spreadsheet with various formulas in the space of an hour!!! Oh yes, I was nailing this spreadsheet business!

Here is what changed for me:

  • I had a break from spreadsheets, cleared my mind, and went back to working with them , fresh, with a new perspective.

  • I now have a deep-rooted philosophy about failure. Fail = First Attempt In Learning. Who managed to ride a bike when they first jumped on? Not me, yet I can ride a bike brilliantly now!

  • I have done the deeper inner work on self-belief and continue to do so. I know I need to keep working with my inner voice.

  • I have expanded my belief in myself and my abilities. I believe I can grow with any skill when I have compassion, vulnerability, and focus.

  • Everything is figureoutable. It may take time yet it is possible.

  • Small steps = big results. If I learn something new every time I touch a spreadsheet that is growth and that all adds up.

  • I let go of the old story and create a new one that I grow daily. This is huge and a game-changer!

If you are not succeeding in any area of your life could it be the story you are telling yourself?

How is your story stopping you from moving forward?

If you are ready for change and are willing to create a new story make the commitment today! I love, love helping clients change their stories and grow their self-belief. When this happens it brings a whole new dimension to you!

What is better than feeling happier and creating more empowering beliefs that enhance your life!


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