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ADHD musings

With my client base flourishing with ADHD clients and being part of their wonderful journey of growth I thought it could be useful to share a recent blog I wrote for the fabulous Life Coaching Directory.

ADHD is simply a way of functioning and let's be honest we all function a bit differently. 

How about we embrace that difference?

I long for ADHD to be viewed like other conditions are now viewed. Many people in the past felt a stigma attached to dyslexia, now we have people like Richard Branson who illustrate that dyslexia or not you can achieve great things!

I see individuals with ADHD as being resilient, creative, tenacious, and full of life. We are all meant to be different and if we thrive as who we are by creating tools and habits to support us in the direction of life we want to pursue then ADHD or not a bright future awaits us!!

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Happiness lies within!

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Hello! I am Natalie Todd and I am a fear specialist! Yes, I am a qualified Life Coach, yet my superpower is that I have lived a life where I have been held back by fear on countless occasions, combatted fear, and now happily live a fuller life. When fear comes up nowadays I have my bag of tools to move past it which for me has been life changing!

This laughter and smile is me living in a place of faith and fulfilment, relaxed, confident, and living my full life! I didn’t always live like this so stay tuned to hear more about how to live a better life away from self sabotage and in a place brimming with opportunity, abundance and faith in YOU!!

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