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You have "One life!"

Who you are today, won’t get you to where you want to be tomorrow.. . .

We all have the opportunity to flip from fear to faith, if we invest in CHANGE.

A life where you are trapped by fear, whether that be fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, or any other related fear can be debilitating and hold you back. If you don’t break the cycle, mindset and routine around how you deal with it, nothing will ever change. Trust me I know!!

Look below, which life do you want to live?? The restricted Fear one, or Faith one where you grow and live your best life

Fear Faith

Not good enough Freedom

Self-sabotage Positive

Regret Success

Anxious Acceptance

Perfectionism Growth

Stuck Abundance

Negative Growing in Confidence

Comparisonitis Transforming

Low self esteem Fulfilled

Imposter syndrome Moving forwards

Overwhelm Liberating

Do you want more self-belief and more power to move from Fear to Faith?

Here are just 3 key tips that massively helped flip me from the torture of fear to the fulfilment of faith:

Journal Daily - so I hear some of you saying, no that’s not my thing to write a diary! I know I get it! I was sceptical at the start! Well let’s flip that around. If you scribe down all that is going on in your head it helps calm down the rumination, plus when you are writing it down you can read it back and work on it in a more rational manner, in addition to getting it off of your chest!. Our inner voice can be so overruling when we allow it. Journaling helps break the cycle and gives you an opportunity to question the inner voice (have you ever asked the inner fearful voice where the evidence is for its theory) Next up question those fears . . Who have you known to achieve what your mind is trying to self-sabotage over. .

Daily list 10 great things about yourself or what you have achieved- This can be done in your journal, so it is achieved all in one hit! Boom! What does writing down positive achievements or kind things about yourself do. . Well let me tell you, if done regularly it increases your confidence and again counterbalances that inner critic who can sometimes rear his ugly head. Not only that but scientific studies have shown this creates a release of dopamine which makes you feel amazing. That is a great dampener for Fear and pushes you nicely into the Faith zone, hell yes you can be Superwoman or man!

Practice Mindfulness/Meditation daily- I put either Meditation or Mindfulness here as I used to meditate daily and of late my head has been sooooooooooooo busy that my wild mind has not been calming as I would like, so what did I do. . I changed, and I tried something a little different because I know the key is as long as I have calm, quiet time in my mind I will get the end result! So CHANGE is imperative if you have tried something for 3 weeks and you are not making progress! So what does this woo woo meditation /mindfulness do. . . . . .it creates an opportunity to focus on something other than your thoughts which then calms the brain and allows you to gain clarity for the rest of your day/evening. Again scientific studies have shown that when you practice regularly you have a sharper memory, it lowers your cortisol levels (stress hormone)and creates clarity of mind. Fancy some of that. .

I do all of the above and so much more because this is it people, no dress rehearsal, time to make the most of this one life and quite frankly say f**k off fear, hello evolving me, bursting with faith and steps forward into a better life!

Who do you want to become. . What life do you want to lead. . How willing are you to invest in living your best life. .

Feel free to get in touch for a friendly chat if the above resonates with you.

For now, thank you for reading and wishing you lots of inner belief on your journey of life.

Natalie xx

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